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At Nuts over Salads, we bring to you, health and happiness in the form of exciting salads. These salads are carefully conceptualised and passionately prepared to delight your taste buds. We aim to satisfy more than just your hungry belly.We also have healthy pastas, soups, sandwiches which makes us a one stop healthy shop.

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Nutritious Foods for Health-conscious individuals...

  • Poornima Rao

    “I started on my journey with Nuts Over Salads 2 weeks back. I told myself to eat healthier – thus more salads. I surfed more than 20 different salad lunches over the last 4 months, spending time, effort searching for bowls of greens. Till I came upon the perfect "Nuts Over Salads". The result? A 2 kg weight loss, good service, and one hell of a happy customer.

  • Vinay Shenoy

    “Hey NutsOverSalad, yesterdays salad of brown rice with chicken and Thai yellow dressing was just out of this world!! The textures - crunchy & squishy, the flavors - spicy & tangy, the quantity - wholesome... Wow!! Please keep 'em coming!!!

  • Aditi Mukherjee

    “I have been ordering lunch from NutsOverSalads for close to 2 months now. I DO NOT cook at all and eat out side food all the time, but I don't eat junk. So it was difficult for me to find a place that served my-kind-of food. Nuts Over salads has been my savior. The reason for continuing with NOS are:
    Tasty salads - No boring menu - Lowest price Overall, I'm a super happy customer!!!
    Thank you guys and keep up the good work...

  • Saina Nehwal

    “I am a big fan of 'Nuts over Salads' I have been having it for lunch and its just perfect for me as a post work out meal.

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